Is Cloudflare opened country blocking to free customers?


Is it now available freely?

Country Blocking CF Managed Accounts

If you are referring to IP Firewall then yes. It is free to all plans.


What exactly do you mean by “now available freely”? Adding countries to the firewall has been possible for quite some time, however with the free plan you can challenge them at max, not block them.

Yes, apparently it is now possible to block as well.


No, you can block them. But you guys should wait for an official announcement


You now can?

Edit: Ohh, you do :slight_smile:


This is great news.


Yeah, great news. :slight_smile:
But again: wait for an official announcement. I guess there will be one soon.


I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but I’m checking to confirm. We think challenging is a better solution than outright blocking by country, but an exception was made for Enterprise.


Depends on the use case. For websites it’s better to challenge the visitor to avoid humans being blocked. :slight_smile: I have a Nextcloud instance which I definitely don’t want to be accessed from several countries. Though almost 100% connected directly to the IP address.

Let’s hope it’s not a bug :laughing:


I’d second that. I believe I’d agree that in nine out of ten cases challenging should be the way to go, but there is always the one case where you actually want to really block access from a country - and here, that feature really comes very much in handy.

Fingers crossed as well its not a bug :crossed_fingers:


Outright blocking a country is exceptionally useful when you are subject
to an embargo against that country and therefore prohibited from selling
to them or supporting them.

Since it can be trivially implemented by workers or the primary web
server, it seems ideal to make this easily available to all Cloudflare
users rather than making non-technical users (Free plan obviously
attracts a lot of these!) stumble through workers.


I’m told that this is a bug and the functionality will revert back to how it was. I don’t have an ETA on when, but any Access Rules that are created in the interim should automatically convert from BLOCK to CHALLENGE.

Edited to change WAF rules to Access Rules


Thanks for clarification. But: Just WAF or IP as well? @ryan :smirk:


You got me :wink: . Should have said Access Rules. Just under the IP Firewall section.