Is Cloudflare mobile redirect redirecting Google Bot's requests to the mobile version?

Hello everyone, I’ve been testing out the Cloudflare’s mobile redirect feature for a while, and just as I noticed, Google seems to display the mobile version of my site’s description. Not sure if this is caused by the Cloudflare mobile redirect or Google just wanting to crawl the mobile site. Can you guys help me figure out if this is caused the Cloudflare mobile redirect or not?

The site in question is and the mobile version is I’ve attached the screenshots before and after the mobile redirect turned on below.


(Just noticed I could only embed one attachment. FYI, the description of the main site and what it should normally be is “OpenAnime is an open source anime platform that aims on community, security and speed. It provides some of the unique features that you will rarely see on an anime platform.”)

Not an SEO Expert or anything, but my understanding is Google crawls from mobile mostly now:

" Google predominantly uses the mobile version of a site’s content, crawled with the smartphone agent, for indexing and ranking. This is called mobile-first indexing."
They also recommend your mobile and desktop site content to be the same
" Make sure that content is the same on desktop and mobile"