Is Cloudflare LITE plan is Scam?

I change from Pro recently to Lite but I’m very Dissapointing. I read carefully the Table of Comparison. But at the End it like almost free version. The only Difference is fire wall with 2o rule set the Rest is Free version. Manage rule set and Bot Dashboard is not Activated. ang also my site is Down in Orange Mode.

I dont know of or find any Lite Plan.
Where did you find something like this?

First Avail Pro plan and then downgrade to Free Plan after that they popup offer.

And expect to Disappoint.

The the Bot dash board is like Free Version but still there as event in manage rule but.

superbot fight mode is Also Disable

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If it helps, Lite has the following features over Free (just based off what I know):

  • Super bot fight mode
  • 15 more firewall rules
  • 9 more ratelimiting “previous” rules
  • 40 more user agent blocking rules
  • Zone lockdown + 3 zone lockdown rules
  • WAF managed rulesets
  • “all except DoS” “dashboard features” for “firewall analytics”

If you are missing any of them, contact support, I believe you can still make Account/billing tickets even on Lite. If you want help with your site being down with proxied enabled, post more about the issue / share the link to your broken website.


Base on my Personal Experience
Super bot Fight Mode Not working
Look like this when you click the Bot Tab

True theres an Aditional 15 rule in Fire wall

My User agent blocking is still 10

WAF manage rule Set 50/50 althouh there still an even in Bot dash board but in the control panel here the look like this:
Expect to Dissapoint and feel Scam.

The worst thing about this is you cain’t complain about the service even you pay $12 is still consider it’s like nothing

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That looks to be a temporary issue, can you try that again?

:point_up: that is 100% accurate

Just visited your site and it loads fine, what error were you seeing?

Thank you sir, Until now the Bot tab still Error.
My site is down temporarily, maybe because of issuing new certificate.

My main problem is the control of manage rule set. I need to adjust the sensitivity of owaps.

I already contacting Support billing, Im requesting to back again in pro, Im just only need to add $8 for pro version. But the Support did not response

Hello, did you open ticket with Cloudflare support?
Maybe you can share your ticket here so that Cloudflare support is aware of the ticket.

Thank you mam Scorpio, I alredy Created the ticket ID # #2706721
They Also response

If you want to upgrade to a Pro plan again, you can follow the same procedure. We will issue a credit once the subscription was successfully processed.

But Im fully convince that my account has affected by technical problem.
If I change to Pro again the the expenses will only increase but the problem remain.

I rather to Choose Re in Boarding rather that Changing Subcription, It cause much more Technical problem.


After 1 month of Wating. Finally I Got the Response.


It has come to our attention that certain features on your Lite plan may not be functioning properly. These features include WAF analytics, Super Bot Fight Mode, and in some cases, WAF Managed Rulesets. Our team is working hard to resolve these issues, but the underlying architecture is complex, which means it may take time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Since you are not receiving the full functionality of the Lite plan that we promised, we are offering you a free upgrade to the Pro plan for up to one year for each domain with an active Lite plan purchased prior to February 24, 2023.

With this free upgrade to the Pro plan you will receive the following benefits in addition to WAF analytics, Super Bot Fight Mode, and WAF Managed Rulesets:

  • Speed enhancements including lossless image and automatic mobile optimization
  • Cache and load balancing analytics, plus expanded DNS analytics history
  • Ticket support

Please reply “Yes” to this message within 30-days to confirm that our customer support team can upgrade your eligible Lite plan domains to an annual Pro plan at no charge for up to one year.

After the annual billing cycle ends, you’ll have the option to continue with the Pro plan or downgrade to the Lite plan. Please note that if you take no action the Pro plan will automatically renew at the standard rate of $240/yr.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued trust in Cloudflare!

Yes Got the Jockpot.