Is cloudflare HTTP/1.1 complaint


Hi I have a RSS that is suddenly spitting out a XML parsing error: <unknown>:1:1: no element found

Blubrry says: Make sure your web server fully supports HTTP/1.1 protocol. This includes both HEAD and GET requests and multi-byte requests (byte serving). We are aware of low cost web hosting providers who provide CDN/cloud based web hosting that are not HTTP/1.1 complaint including CloudFlare

Is this true? Do I just need to disconnect CloudFlare?


Cloudflare proxies both HEAD and GET requests straight to the origin server (your host), and proxies back whatever your origin server sends back. Whether or not it’s “http/1.1 compliant” is dependant on your host.

As for the error

That’s not something that would be caused by “http/1.1 compatibility”, rather, that’s something caused by the actual RSS feed itself. If http/1.1 was the issue, the error would be something like “content-length mismatch”, not a parsing error. I’m not sure who “Blubrry” is but they should know what different error codes mean.

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Should :smile:

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