Is cloudflare hosting my website?

Hello. I am in the process of changing my website hosting from Hostgator to Freehosting(dot)com. I noticed that my website is displaying a “connexion not secure” warning, which lead me to researching how to fix that. I found a guide to use Cloudflare for a free domain validation SSL certificate, and followed the steps, including changing the nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. Does that mean that my website is now being hosted by Cloudflare instead of Freehosting(dot)com? Thank you!

No. Cloudflare is not a web host. Except if you use Pages, Cloudflare will never host your website and it’s assets. It will only cache them, if you use it properly.


Great, thank you for answering!

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no, your host is still your host, but, to some extent i think, Cloudflare technology requires a new definition of what hosting actually means. if you proxy through Cloudflare you can use their certificates, or you can also configure it to use your own certificates, but it takes some additional steps

You’re welcome!

Thank you both! Turns out freehosting(dot)com is blocking Cloudflare’s SSL, wanting me to buy it instead… :confused:
So back to square one. Following some tutorials to get free hosting on google cloud, hope I manage to work it all out :wink:

thanks for sharing, i don’t know of any technical reason why your host would prevent you from using SSL provided by Cloudflare, if they insist on you getting your own SSL, you can do that too, for free

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