Is cloudflare hack?

Do other people have problem with cloudlare.
This morning suddently of the website of my customers seems to be hack. We we go on the domain name there is a redirection if you are on mobile phone or dowload a file Drweb.rar if you are on a computer.
I check no files change, check database nothing strange too, idem in the log.
I try to restore website at different date and it’s the same.
I rename the folder it’s the same. Point A to an empty server still the same.
Finally I put Cloudflare in pause and the website work normaly.
I don’t know what is the problem and how to solve it. I call coudlfare they just tell me we will escalade my problem and call me back in the 24h…
The problem wihtotu Cloudflare is the server load…
So do someone have and idea ? Or do someone have the same problem please ?

No. Cloudflare is not malicious.

The phone line is for Enterprise customers only. Instead, I’d recommend you change your Cloudflare password (your account could have been compromised) and review and remove any incorrect Page Rules and/or Redirect Rules on your domain for anything that may have been added.

It’s also possible your site is being “taken over” by a service such as Shopify that uses SSL for SaaS. If this is the case, you can find instructions on how to fix it by clicking on the blue “Shopify” text above and following the instructions there.


You right someone has been able to go in our Cloudflare account and put a redirect rules. It’s seems to be in beta i didn’t take care about this page.
I delete the rules and everything is ok now

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