Is Cloudflare free? I want to be sure and I'm worried

I bought a free domain name for all my friends and myself and set up a website with Cloudflare. I added the domains to Cloudflare and chose the Free Plan. I created a hidden repository from github and put the website files. I added my Github account from Cloudflare Pages, selected the repository and created the website. What I’m wondering is, when people want to build a website, they pay for hosting. On the other hand, I am building my website using a free domain on Cloudflare without using any hosting. While doing this, I choose the free plan. Is this thing completely free? I don’t want to be charged later and I want to be sure.

LOL. Welcome to Cloudflare :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re on the Free plan, and you don’t add any paid services, yes, it’s actually free. Even having a website on Pages. Even if it gets lots of traffic, as long as it’s a static site.

If you try to enable something that costs money you’ll be told it’s a paid thing first. If all you want to do is have a static website built from your Github repo, you don’t need any paid features.

(The domain name itself may cost money; that’s between you and wherever you registered the domain. Most have a small annual fee, which you would have already paid if you bought it.)


Thank you so much.

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