Is Cloudflare DOWN right now?


Is Cloudflare DOWN right now?

my website is not loading last 4 hours!

please let me know what’s the problem going on?



No… It is very unlikely that Cloudflare would ever ‘go down’ completely, though there was a rather large outage briefly in 2013 which you can read more about here.

Cloudflare has a very good operational status page with history of incidents (it’s also available as an RSS feed which is pretty cool):

Can you provide your URL so folks here in the community can help troubleshoot your issue?




My website is not loaidng and giving the following message, Can you please
check now and let me know what’s the problem all on a sudden and fix it so
my is Live immediately?

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

Search Google for purse valley cn





I just talked both my Domain registrar and hosting server and they
confirmed me everything is OK and Fine at their ends, so I believe there’s
something WRONG in the middlw with Cloudflare! Please check my cloudflare
account and my domain everything and Fix your server problem and get my
site back to live immediately!!




Hi. Have you made any changes to your registrar’s nameservers or Cloudflare DNS settings recently?

dig results in:

;; ANSWER SECTION:	10	IN	A	104.239.207.XX	10	IN	A	198.105.244.XX

One of those IPs is Cloudflare’s and the other belongs to another entity. This may be playing a role in your current issue.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your message. I did not change anything in my domain
registrar and in my hosting also in my Cloudflare account! Everything was
working fine but all on a sudden my website went down since 10 hours ago!

Please help me to get back my site Live!

Please check more and find out the issue and fix it.

Please do reply me asap!




Hi Hasan. I will try and assist you as best I can. It is odd that it would stop working all of a sudden.

First step: please log into your registrar and verify that you are using Cloudflare nameservers only. You should have two distinct Cloudflare nameservers assigned to you which you can find on the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard.


Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for your help. I double check with my domain registrar
and it’s using my NS records of cloudflare which they assigned to me. And I
talked to them they confirmed me that everything is ok with my domain
registrar account. This what they told me,

“those are dns that have delegated and I see they were correctly delegated
but are not responding”

Please help!!!




WHOIS for your domain shows Domain Status: clientHold
This usually means the domain is expired, but WHOIS says it’s good until 2018. You’ll have to ask your registrar why it’s on Client Hold.

I’m sorry to say you’ll have to get back to your registrar, as they control this setting.

Once that is resolved, the Cloudflare portion is ok. WHOIS lists the proper name servers, and those name servers have proper IP addresses for your domain. I’ve even manually added that IP address to my local hosts file and your website shows up fine.


Thank you @sdayman! Clearly out of my depth on this one… :disappointed_relieved:



Thank you very much for checking my site issue. Ok, I am talking to my
domain registrar again and asking them why my site status showing
‘clientHold’ !




Thanks @andy and @sdayman! :success::pbjtrock: