Is Cloudflare causing problems on my website?

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I have recently installed Cloud Flare on my two websites DNA Trinidad and Almishkat.
One of them is working fine but whenever I change any minor settings in Cloud Flare it takes a lot of time for my website to see it live again!!. Can anyone tell me why this happens? and how to remove this disturbance.
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Specifically which type of changes are taking too? And while you wait, you just see the old version, or is something broken?

Whenever I change my DNS settings or any other settings for Speed optimization It Happens.

You mean on CSS and JavaScript changes?

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Yes Like changing J.S or Image Compression settings.
And This Happens a lot now. Also on this Website Paraiba World

For the CSS and JS files (requests) of your website I got cf-cache-status with the value HIT and cache-control with the value of max-age=14400 (14 400 seconds = 4 hours you have to wait before the Cloudflare would “grab” the new version of that files regarding the modification time and made changes of them).

What settings have you got selected and enabled at Cloudflare under :

  • Speed → Optimization
  • Caching → Configuration → Cache Level
  • Caching → Configuration → Browser Cache TTL
  • Page Rules - if any

There is a way to Purge specific Cached files separately when you make changes and if they are cached (by default).
Or Purge All the cached files.
Or even adding the ?parameter=value (version=date_time or version number) at the end of your request files like ?version=1001, so the Cloudflare would always have to cache it, and if you change the value all the visitors should have the latest CSS/JS file at their Web browser.

  • hopefully in a case where you do not use Cache Everything, which would cache the whole HTML webpage and files, so no matter of changes made the visitor woudl still have the cached version at Web browser for a the period of time as defined …

Moreover, you can lower the value for TTL cache of the requested files.

You can achieve this using Page Rules for specific, for example:

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