Is Cloudflare blocking an API in my site?

Im not sure how to ask the question properly or even how to check if my suspicion is true.
I have an API im using in my site but i think Cloudflare is blocking its use.
Around the time i changed the site from HTTP to HTTPS is when it stopped working.

Its n API that calls another domain to retrieve information but i dont know how to check to see if CF is the cause.

The API calls the developers area of DISCOGS.COM for information

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Check the Firewall settings page. It will show you the Firewall Events Log.

That would be true only IF my assumption was correct.

My question is “i dont know how to check to see if CF is the cause.”

I already looked at the firewall log and its not there so

“How do i check if its Cloudflare?”

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Hello, I am facing the same issue.

I have a site on godaddy, let’s say it’s and my API is in

So after creating my cloud flare account so that I can benefit from the free https I managed to complete this step successfully and I got the https for my site.

However, I couldn’t use my API anymore. All requests are returning index.html i believe.

Any ideas? Nothing in the firewall. I have reverted back godaddy dns servers until I know how to fix this.

Thank you

So theres no way to see if its being caused by CF?
I checked firewall. Theres nothing there but a bunch of people who were trying to hack and use TOR’s

If you couldn’t find anything being blocked there, maybe it isn’t being blocked.

There are a few things you could do:

  • You could call the API manually, check the error message and perhaps share the error message here.
  • Another thing you could do is to disable Cloudflare proxy temporarily (keep the dns entry as DNS Only) and see if the API actually works without Cloudflare in the middle.
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So it appeared that because I was calling my endpoint with http and not https. Turning off “always use https” fixed my issue.

Where did you adjust this?

That’s in the Cloudflare dashboard: SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates.

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