Is Cloudflare auto add ads?

I just know this issue when i try to click my web site from Google result, my site will show unknown ads.
When i use “DNS Only” mode, these ads has gone. And these ads only show when i clicked from Google result.

Without the domain it is impossible to say anything.

Also, post screenshots of what you mean.

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No “Proxied” mode:

And with “Proxied” mode:

Try clearing your Cloudfare cache. Your site was/is possibly compromised and that got cached by Cloudflare.

But again, what’s the domain?

Post domain here will be banned ?

Did you read the very first posting in this thread which actually states you should read it before posting?

Only happen when i clicked from Google

When opening your site via that Google link I do not get any such pop-up and I did disable adblock. Check your local workstation, whether that might have been compromised.

I used “incognito” mode and face this problem in all my devices T_T shows nothing, right?

Yes, nothing

Assuming you have cleared the cache that won’t come from Cloudflare then. Either your server or your workstation got compromised. You should check both, but that’s not Cloudflare related at this point I am afraid.

Thanks for your help, i will double check my site.
I used cloudflare -> nginx -> wordpress with fpm

Also check your local machine, as I could not reproduce these popups, as I mentioned.

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