Is Cloudflare APO worse option to Cache All Page Rule?

Found something on NitroPacks docs:
Have you already done that, seems like they are compatible after following their tutorial. But just if configurated as they describe there. Note: I have never seen such “requirements” beside at NitroPack, so seems like they are the Plugin/Service not beeing able to pair with APO out of the box.

I agree - thanks for those articles. I had read both prior to installing APO. Nitropack says they work with Cloudflare APO but the reality is they do not.

I have had very few problems with Nitropack - installation, setup and support have all been simple and very fast.

But I can;t move ahead with APO. So I will remove and purge Cloudflare cache and Nitropack cache. I am sure there will be a similar solution available with the HTML caching etc. I would like.

Thanks for your help.

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