Is cloudflare APO working correctly?

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I have WP-Rocket installed, and used to have RocketCDN but today I transitioned to Cloudflare APO and have disabled RocketCDN. also deleted page rules on my cloudflare dashboard. I’m not tech savvy, so how to tell if CF APO is working as it should on my site?

My website is ''

Thank you in advance for your time and help! is proxied through Cloudflare but is just redirecting to which isn’t routed through Cloudflare. Therefore APO and other Cloudflare features aren’t being used for your site.

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Hi and thank you for helping out! Any ideas as to how I can resolve this? I’m confused :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The redirect from to is being done by your origin server. You need to configure there to stop that happening

Or better still, as you are using a partial CNAME setup (*), redirect to

(*) Your site is using a partial CNAME setup that’s only supported by business and enterprise accounts, did you set this up? You won’t be able to get the apex domain to use Cloudflare with a partial CNAME configuration since CNAMEs can’t be used at the apex (and if they are allowed by your DNS provider, they get flattened to A/AAAA values).

Any particular reason why you are using a partial CNAME setup rather than using Cloudflare’s DNS with a full setup for your site?

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Wow thank you so much!! Truth is we used the cloudflare integration plesk couple years ago, so it might have stayed like this… From what I see under cloudflare dashboard, in DNS, it says the following:

Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by your Plesk server, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

OK, most simple option for you for now is to get the redirect from to working on your site so all visitors go through Cloudflare that way. It does leave the origin exposed at but you’d need to convert to a full setup to get that sorted out.

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I really appreciate your help @sjr ! I’ve reached out to my hosting company in order to ‘‘fix’’ the DNS, and do it a new through Cloudflare and make it run 100% by Cloudflare and this way it should work I suppose. I’ll be back with more info! Cheers!

Hi @sjr , so finally did cloudflare from scratch along with records etc (from the other thread). Is APO working now?

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