Is cloudflare affecting my site

Hi, three days ago i got a message from cloudflare but not sure what it said. I think it was something new they were doing but did not have time to read it and now can’t find it. But, since that message something strange happened to my site. I am using a tagdiv theme and for some reason my header has now vanished from my website and when i go into my website and go to cloud templates, i just get a blank screen.

I have contacted tagdiv and they said it is because i have rocket loader installed on cloudflare but i do not have it installed. I contacted my hosting company to see if it is down to them but they said it is down to cloudflare

No one is letting me know why this is happening. i have not made any changes to my site but all this started three days ago.

can anyone give me any help

Can you try in incognito mode? Works fine for me

can you send me a screen shot. when i look on my computer there is no header. there is a header on mobile device but not on the computer.

I have done that and still the header is not showing and i cannot get into my cloud templates

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