Is Cloudflare a host for domain names without websites?

I’m super non-technical.
I have my site’s content on a 3rd party platform. I was told that in order to keep my domain name, I need to host it on Cloudflare - otherwise I’d need a hosting company like SiteGround, which is overkill for me.

So if I put my domain on Cloudflare, will I be able to redirect people who type in my to that 3rd party platform so they can access my content?

Also what help pages can you point me to that will give me a step by step for getting up and running?


The getting started guide covers the basics and once you get through the short introduction to the concepts, it will take you on a step-by-step walkthrough.

In the context of Cloudflare, the third party platform you are using is your host. If all you need is DNS and some redirection to the platform you are currently on, Cloudflare can do that.

Thanks. How many of the features in the free version will I need? I mean, is security an issue? Anything else?

It really depends on what you need you to do. Even if it were something I had felt the need to count, my needs and your needs aren’t going to be the same.

You are asking someone who thinks security is always an issue. I don’t know how else to answer that.

If your current platform has experience with other clients of theirs using Cloudflare, it wouldn’t hurt to see if they are willing to share what has worked for them. My recommendation is always to have fun, learn things, and don’t panic when you break stuff.

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