Is Cloudfare right for me?

I currently host several tools for an online game I play. Each of these tools is served from a subdomain over a secure connection (Certificates from LetsEncrypt). For example:

The tools are a mix of html, css, javascript and images and after the initial loading there is very minimal need to contact my server again until the next time a player logs in when the tool will need to be loaded again. Changes to the files are only when I update a tool so few and far between.

In an ideal world I’d like to have the subdomains handled by Cloudfare but not the main domain - if necessary I can do this by using a second domain and moving the tools to there where the main domain will be empty.

The main reason for contemplating this is that I’ve had problems with downtime from several different hosts (I’m on a tight budget so need to use lower end hosts) and from what I’ve been able to read this would be mitigated by using Cloudfare.

So will I be able to do what I want and is this the sort of thing that Cloudfare is good for?

Many thanks in advance
Dave T