Is changing nameservers a problem for my email?

I have added MX records in DNS for email and I want a free ssl certificate for my website , so I signed up for cloudflare and It asked me to change the nameservers.If I change the nameservers will there be problem for my email? also I added a TXT file for verifying my site in google search console. Does all these records will be gone if I continue?

Make sure the DNS records in your existing nameserver are the same as Cloudflare DNS management. Also, do not proxy mail-related DNS records, then your email should work just fine.

Not a problem at all. Just make sure MX records don’t proxy. They should show “DNS Only” text.

Depend on what kind of email provider, they also ask you to set some CNAME records for validation purpose, those should be “DNS Only” record as well.

MX records can’t be proxied. There’s no :grey: to click on. But the mail server hostname(s) it points to should not be proxied, as already pointed out by @erictung.

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