Is changing DNS record to CloudFlare so slow?

Hi, I’m changing nameserver record of one website to Cloudflares, in order to use its CDN and SSL services, and I have waited for over 12 hours. It’s shown on Cloudflare’s page that I will have to wait 24 hours in total. But does it have to be so slow? My website will have to be down for as long as 24 hours. If it’s so, I’m afraid I have to give up Cloudflare with my other websites.

Generally it updates within an hour, but it depends if the nameservers were properly entered and/or if your registrar is having issues.

If you could provide the domain, we can troubleshoot and see what’s going wrong.

Make sure you follow the nameserver change instructions at your domain registrar:

Your domain’s nameservers are still

Oh sorry, wrong domain, it should be china-arms[dot]com

What nameservers does Cloudflare want you to change to? It looks like the root servers and the registrar’s servers have different values for your NS:

$ dig NS +short
$ dig NS

Cloudflare required me to change to the last two rows you listed.
And I did it on Godaddy, I have no idea what the others are.

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