Is CF Origin Server SSL Subdomain 2 Levels Valid

I have a number of URLs within a Wordpress Multisite set up that originate from a WP Engine server.

Whenever I send a site live not all of the URLs are update correctly and I get broken links to the the staging version of the site is .

I need to know will the CF Origin SSL certificate resolve this issue as currently the WP Engine SSL cert doesn’t support 2 levels and I am getting broken JS links to Wordpress plugin files.

That is a deep level of sub-domain, moreover if I understand correctly you are using custom domain with wpengine and want Cloudflare over it?

Have you checked out here:

Is it added as a A or a CNAME record to the domain DNS at Cloudflare dashboard?

Moreover, to use a SSL certificate, I am afraid you would need to purchase Cloudflare Dedicated SSL with Custom Hostname for $10/month. Moreover, you need this since Cloudflare Universal SSL only provide for * level.

  • could be I am wrong …

More about dedicated SSL certificates here:

Nevertheless, if this error appears in your browser this is a strong indicator that the hostname is not present on the SSL certificate located at Cloudflare edge.

If you require mutli-level sub-domain support you will either need to purchase this feature or upgrade your Plan to Business so that you can upload a Custom Certificate (hopefully if you have one at your host/origin which already supports

I suppose yes due to (I hope it covers the CNAME because you use

You can include up to 100 hostnames or wildcard hostnames on a single certificate and can include hostnames for other domains within the same Cloudflare account. You can also add support for multi-level subdomains such as .

From this article:

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