Is Bot Fight Mode available on the free tier?

If so, where exactly can I find it?

Thanks Sandro. I hope my question didn’t seem too dunderheaded. I had checked all the firewall pages and could not find Bot Fight Mode. When I clicked your link it redirected me to this page:, which advised me to “Review and save your two-factor authentication backup codes”. Once I did that and clicked next, the Bot Fight Mode selection magically appeared! All is good now - thanks again.

No worries, the settings in the dashboard can be overwhelming at times. To be honest, I had to click once or twice as well to find it again :slight_smile:

The link above is just a generic redirection link, which will make you first choose your domain and then redirect you to the page in question. Linking to dashboard pages, courtesy of @domjh

The two factor screen probably just popped up because the system likely still required additional information.

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