Is big mp4 video file enabled to cache?

Cloudflare made possible cache .mp4 files by default

but in my case, a large .mp4 file larger than 100mb Cloudflare caches badly. Does not work properly.
When I try to open a video, I see in network console very long time on “pending” … TTF (time to take first byte) is over 5 minutes. After this time video is playing.

Maybe Cloudflare not allow cache large video files, but why they not baypass automaticly if contet-length is to big to cache.

I have to create page rule like /video/* with cache level baypass to avoid caching.

Maybe do you know which size of .mp4 files are allow to cache by Cloudflare, because 515MB like in documentation is not correct.

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Bypassing all the ToS limitations due to the percentage of video vs. non-video files, which you need to comply to, Free plans have a 512MB cache limit per file.

Why not host the file on R2?

It’s to expensive for me. I have got few TB of .mp4 files and my site generate lot of bandwith. Every S3, r2, bunny cdn etc. is to expensive at the moment :frowning:

Well, then you’ll be in violation of ToS 2.8, regardless… R2 allows you to serve video, you’d need to pay for storage and request costs, only.

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