Is Argo useful for UK only customers?

Hi, is Argo beneficial for my clients who are only coming from the UK? I have a UK server + Wordpress + image optimisations + Cloudflare Free tier.

I can’t see how it’d do much. It routes through Cloudflare’s data centers, and there are only two in GB, plus one in Dublin.

Are you seeing some performance issues?

PageSpeed tools are telling me to reduce server response time. I get in the range of 200-400ms which is definitely slower than I’d expect from CF.
I was wondering if they were slowing down the free tier to get people to pay $5/mo.

No. If you’re hitting your nearest POP, then that’s as good as it gets. For example, my servers are in Los Angeles. So am I, so all my traffic is within the LAX datacenter. If you, your servers, and your Cloudflare POP are in the same geographic region, that’s as good as it gets.

If Cloudflare isn’t caching the page you’re testing, then Cloudflare has to pull content from your server, then serve it to your visitor. I don’t know which datacenter PageSpeed is using, but I’d be surprised if it’s in the UK. I’d try and use one of their London or Manchester sites.