Is Argo Tunnel Free?


I’ve read from the blog that Argo Tunnel (Cloudflare Tunnel former name) are now free.

Is it actually free?. On the configuration page says the feature will cost according to the usage.

Could anyone tell me if is it actually free?


It is free, you don’t need to enable Argo for that, as that is paid.

The name is now Cloudflare Tunnel, they disconnected it from the Argo branding which is a paid product.

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"In the past, Cloudflare Tunnel has been priced based on bandwidth consumption as part of Argo Smart Routing, Cloudflare’s traffic acceleration feature. Starting today, we’re excited to announce that any organization can use the secure, outbound-only connection feature of the product at no cost. You can still add the paid Argo Smart Routing feature to accelerate traffic.

As part of that change (and to reduce confusion), we’re also renaming the product to Cloudflare Tunnel."

So… that’s a longer version of my reply.

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