Is Argo smart routing charged for cache?

If i am not wrong, Argo smart routing is charged for uncached traffic or miss traffic. Example if i am using APO with Argo on woocommerce website. If the user is visiting a static page, the APO kicks in, apo is charged and Argo is not charged while if it’s dynamic content then Argo kicks in right and it’s charged

See Argo is charged regardless of caching

Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred (both upload and download bandwidth) between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo.

Argo billing includes charges for cache hits and requests to and responses from the Cloudflare network.

Enabling Argo in the Cloudflare dashboard initiates a USD $5.00 monthly charge. After transferring the first gigabyte of traffic between Cloudflare and your visitors, you are charged an additional USD $0.10 per gigabyte.

Toggling Argo on/off via the Traffic app in the dashboard will not cause multiple charges.

However, you will be charged multiple times if you cancel then re-enable your Argo subscription in the Subscriptions section under the Billing tab.


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