Is Area 1 service available for use?

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I am unable to understand if the Cloudflare “Area 1-email security service” is available for use or if all the posts are regarding its future release.

I saw Area 1 was an existing company that Cloudflare acquired, so I suppose the functionality is already there. But now it is available to anyone? Is the Cloudfalre Area 1 email security service used by anyone?


It looks like the starting point is here:

Hi @sdayman

I have read this but what i am unable to understand is if i can already use this service or it is in reference to incoming features?

I have read 2 more blog posts but still unabel to understand if this is an existing service i can use or not?


It’s an available service, but you have to sign up for it through what’s most likely Enterprise Sales.

Hi @sdayman

You mean it is only availabel for enterprise or higher plans and not for the free or pro plans. is this true?


At this point, it appears to be a separate service. I’m sure that if you go through the signup link on the page I posted, they’ll let you know.

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Thanks @sdayman

I got that but is there someone who have already gone through this who can advise how expensive or cheap this is


Anything that requires walking through sales is in the order of thousands. I’d expect that if you are only interested on this service maybe you can get it slightly cheaper, however, I think that those “custom” packages are still close to the 4 digits.
You might want to talk to sales (they have a live chat through most of the website) and make clear your budget, based on that they will be able to let you know whether having a sales conversation is worth it or not.

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Thanks @jnperamo

So i suppose it is not worth searching as it will be overpriced and my better option will be to go with something like Spam Titan etc.

Hopefully in future this service will be extended to lower plans as even if i have 100 emails i doesnt make sense to add 4 digit email protection when some other experts in this field provides for like 30-40$ per month

thanks all it would have been nice if someone who already use this service was able to provide there feedback and reccommendation of Area 1 service.

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