Is APO not stable ? (having multiple issues)

I am facing issues with APO and have raised a ticket, it is almost 12 days now and no response (I am on Pro plan),

I have a couple of questions, may be someone here can help me understand:

  1. As per official cloudflare support article

DYNAMIC The resource was not cached by default and your current Cloudflare caching configuration doesn’t instruct Cloudflare to cache the resource. Instead, the resource was requested from the origin web server. Use Page Rules to implement custom caching options

Why using APO, the first few visits are marked cf-cache-status as DYNAMIC? As it would mean those pages are never meant to be served from Cloudflare? And after few visits I see a HIT. ideally it should say MISS/EXPIRED or something more relevant but not DYNAMIC as it is confusing

  1. After using APO, in the cloudflare cache analytics I could see ~400k requests marked as EMPTY (None), what are these? I can’t find any documentation for such request?

  2. Is it only me or the cache HIT ratio is very poor? I mean I open the same page 3 times and the 4th time I get HIT (first 3 are DYNAMIC), then I close the browser and re-open the browser and again first few visits are DYNAMIC?

  3. With APO enabled my google analytics is showing that all the traffic is coming from US but in real it is NOT as when I disable APO the the traffic stats are proper in google analytics.

In other threads it is told that I should delete all the Page Rules, but WHY all the page rules? It makes sense to delete the cache everything page rule but why should I delete other page rules? Is there a conflict of using APO with page rules?

PS: I have disabled APO and switched back to page rules.

Currently Page Rules are not compatible with APO.

Hi @golinuxcloud,

Apologies for the slowness to respond here. Trying to gather some more information internally.

Have you received a response to your support ticket yet?

Thanks @pjohnson, I got one response two days back. With the latest Cloudflare plugin update now atleast the google analytics problem (number4 here) is solved and the stats are properly showing the origin location

But all other questions are still answered which I have added here in this forum as well. I am yet to get any response on those.

I have also shared a screenshot from ny cloudflare cache analytics which shows huge number of EMPTY requests while most of rhe visits to the homeoage is Dynamic.

It would be great if you can please clarify the remaining questions.


Interesting, I think #2 & #3 should be resolved at this point. Would you mind DMing me your ticket ID so I can look into it on my end?

My ticket ID is 1991383

The cache HIT ratio for HTML page is still quite less and mostly looks DYNAMIC?

The cron page is expected to be DYNAMIC but looks like my homepage most of the times is served from origin
(This is the reason I feel we should have a different cf-cache-status when the cache is MISS as for cron job it makes sense that the cache status is DYNAMIC but for other HTML requests it should be anything but DYNAMIC??)

For past 24 hours I see the number of Empty requests is reduced compared to earlier. Now it is showing ~9K but I am still not sure what these means? Some of these are served from origin while some from edge


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