Is APO compatible with Litespeed cache?

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I just changed my cloud flare plan to PRO and as a result I’m able to use APO ( Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress), but I’m a little bit confused that would it be possible to use litespeed cache plugin and cloudflare plugin together?

One other post here said it wasn’t compatible, but didn’t elaborate. I use LiteSpeed Cache and a Worker that emulates APO with no problems. LiteSpeed doesn’t have my Cloudflare API key because my Cloudflare plugin purges the Cloudflare cache on updates.

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I wonder, why use LS with workers instead of APO? Just curious :slight_smile:

I used Workers before APO came along. And for the same $5, I get workers on all my zones. I don’t have enough traffic to exceed basic Workers limits. And I doubt that I’ll even get to the point where my Workers will exceed the $5 cost of APO per free zone.


A big reason is better fine grain control over caching TTL and what to cache or not.

Only way to know is to try but from what I understand of APO cache, not many existing server/origin side guest full HTML page caching solutions would be compatible with APO. Which is another reason why using own CF Worker caching solution can work with existing server/origin side guest full HTML page caching.

I like @sdayman use my own custom CF Worker guest full HTML page caching which allows it to work with my existing server/origin side guest full HTML page caching.


Thanks and I have another question even may seem so simple, what do you mean by “Worker caching”?
Is it a plugin or a product from CF?

Cloudflare really has just one cache. By default, it caches static files. But you can use a Page Rule to trigger caching for a type of file. Or you can use a Worker to trigger caching for a type of file.

Workers are a bit smarter in that you can check for conditions that have to be met, like a user not being logged in. So if there’s no login cookie, the Worker will enable caching for those requests and set the cache duration.

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You can write your own CF Worker caching just like CF APO if you want.

Examples and docs at