Is APO Caching Everything on the Root?

I have APO running and so far it’s been performing as described by @yevgen
But since last night I seem to be seeing caching for files that are not part of the Wordpress install but are still on the root.


This file updates regularly and can not be cached for longer than 10 mins.

Getting users to Ctrl+F5 does refresh the file with the latest info so there appears that maybe some APO<>Browser Setting may have changed possibly as it has been working as expected since launch.

Has anything changed with APO in the past 24 hours or so?
Is everything on the root domain going to be cached?
How can I make this file not be cached if Page Rules do not work with APO?

Thanks in advance for assistance.

Disabling APO fixes the issue so I can confirm it is definitely APO related.

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Yea this is a deal breaker for me, this has now been tested on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia and more. In Chomre, Firefox, Safari and Edge All showing that the browser is being told by APO to cache this file which is nothing to do with Wordpress.

Only just seen this update,

am implementing the Page Rules that I need and should hopefully be fixed, will post a report when I know for sure.

This update fixes my issue

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