Is anyone listening?

Hi Team

I have several tickets open under - one being 7 days old with no response. A support ticket was also opened on in response to this and while I got a response quickly - I was told that warp tickets are handled by a different department and no further updates either.

We are with a paid account - and the claim of a 4 hour median response time is not being honored…

Tickets #355365, #357978, #356194

Would be great to at least hear something back from the support team.

Hi @dn5adm1n I noticed your conversation with Support on 2353538 and the mention that is the best way to report issues around WARP.

Neither the community nor Support can access those tickets for #WARP and if you have not already, please reply to any automated response you received on those tickets.

I have updated all of the tickets - and no response at all. Nothing.

I remember I upgraded our accounts and kind of stopped renewing after the responses weren’t as fast as I’d like them to be :sweat: .
I suggest posting your issue here just to see if the community can help

Thanks @jnperamo

I am positive this a is bug with the DNS redirect feature/warp client. But here goes:

We have an Internal Active Directory environment with SMB shares across multiple servers in different locations around the world.

We are using the DNS redirect feature under the Local Domain Fallback section to point the ad domain to the internal DNS servers.

The warp clients, once connected can resolve internal hostnames/fqdn’s from the internal DNS server - I can verify the query arriving at the DNS server interface via wireshark.

However, completely randomly (to describe the impact - every day is different. ie. yesterday 2 users, today 30 users so far) all had an instance where the DNS resolutions for the internal servers stopped working. No reason, no logs, just no resolution.

Checked Wireshark, no ingress DNS query when the client is trying. doublechecked that our DNS server is working properly. It is.

The temporary solution - log out completely of the WARP client, then log back in. DNS resolution works again for a period of time. Could be days, could be minutes.

We also know that the WARP client is still connected as accessing the shares via the ip address still works although the DNS fails. (eg. \\\share)

While telling the users to use IP addresses is possible, this is not a very good way to reduce calls to IT helpdesk, let alone productivity.

Oh, and I also tried the DNS policy override feature - that also doesn’t seem to stick.