Is anyone home in support? You have 40% packet loss in Phoenix

I submitted a support request over 4 hours ago and have not received any response. Your PHX system is experiencing 40% packet loss on several websites that use Cloudflare (not just mine).

From what I can tell, only users going thru the PHX system are affected. It appears OK from other locations I have tested.

Here’s some of the details…

40% packet loss on (

I ran several packet loss tests (Pingplotter) and it appears you have a problem. Here are the the results of several tests (100 pings): => - 6% loss (with 56 byte packets) => - 33% loss (with 1000 byte packets) => - 42% loss (with 1400 byte packets)

When I ran similar tests from another location, the packet loss was minimal: => - 1% loss (with 56 byte packets) => - 2% loss (with 1000 byte packets)

When I ran the same tests to, packet loss was usually 0%

I also noticed some packet loss on your upstream router

Thanks for the report, our Network team is aware and working with Cox regarding the issue.

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