Is anybody else getting this error?

Is anybody else out there getting errors when trying to see the firewall in the cf dashboard? Below is a screenshot…been that way for a couple of days or more

Hi. I see a handful of tickets over the last few days, but none that show a path to resolution, either awaiting a reply or problem went away. For how long has this been happening? I’d let support know, a couple of days is not right.

I took your advice and submitted the ticket. thanks. they’re in my logs now.

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Thank you, I’ll find it and add myself, would like to see how this works out.

See, I knew it was cloudflare! Nope, can’t say that now.

Browser is the cause. Apparently epiphany doesn’t do what firefox can, still I wonder why it is only partial to not showing the firewall section only (all the other areas work just fine).

I’ll mark this as another stupid

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