Is any video content allowed?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone with experience could help me.

I can see that in the terms of use ( that it says “Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited”, which is pretty clear. My small site has 4 second turn around videos for each product, which are heavily compressed and only around 300-700 bytes. Would this be ok to be used with their cdn? Obviously from the terms no but is that in the terms more to protect against video heavy sites that use a lot of bandwidth?

Any help would be appreciated or any help towards who at Cloudflare I could contact to find out.


A small amount of small videos is probably fine. If you start having lots of videos, you might want to consider R2.

Ok thanks for the reply. I guess it’s a case of Cloudflare would be well within their rights to withdraw their service at any time as you are technically breaching their rules. So not worth the risk.

I’ll take a look into R2. Are you ok to cache videos with R2 or is that it is globally replicated and so it acts like CDN anyway?

Yes, you can cache R2. It is allows as a part of the Supplemental Terms


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