Is an A record without proxied mode secure?

I have added a A record for my domain and now it is available with www.domain. but now my domain is secure but my www.domain is not.

Could it be that there is a cert probleme? and is it even secure to add that record, when the A record www.domain points directly to my webserver and not through the tunnel? And I am not able to proxy the A record, says cloudflare error "This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 9004) "

This reads like you have withheld half of the story. Can you share the rest of it with the Community so we have a better chance at being able to help?

Does your origin server have a valid certificate for the www hostname? It will need one in order to be able to provide a secure connection.

You mentioned a tunnel. How does that fit into your setup?

Are you able to share your real domain name? It usually makes things easier for anyone who is trying to help since it allows them to perform their own investigation.

hi, sry for the late response!

Here you can see that my website is not secure, when I open it with
When I open it in the browser with then it’s working fine.

Do you mean with valid certificate, that you need a seperate cert for using the www. option? Shouldn’t I be able to add a record that leads to the domain - like an A record with www to

The tunnel prevents me from doing port forwarding and feeling more secure :smiley: My webserver is in a NAT network …

These are my dns records:

and when I try to reach my domain with there is an error coming up:

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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