Is adding a second domain equal to a second website


I’d like to add a second domain to my account, but it would point to the same website. Is that still in accordance with the 1 website abo? Right now I have and I’d like to add

I believe that you have to add the domain separately then just set a page rule to redirect everyone.

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What @Jake1st said is correct. You add a second domain to your account, then setup a redirect to the website you want.

Alternatively if you want to point to the same server, with different actual websites then you could treat them like two completely different zones.

What is this you are mentioning?

The free plan includes one website. Does that mean one domain or one website? I am currently on the free plan, but I have a second domain, that I’d like to add. Just unsure if I have to upgrade to the next plan, or if I can stay with the free plan.

A plan is for one domain. So you’d simply add another domain and choose whichever plan fits best, including yet another free one.

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