Is a VPN necessary with Cloudflare DNS?

Is a VPN necessary if one has setup one’s computer with Cloudflare’s DNS settings?

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In short, no. Why would you think so?

That VPN thing is a cellphone “feature.” Desktop computers are much easier to configure DNS on.

This is because cellphones jump between networks and VPN is necessary to keep a consistent DNS setting.

I have the same question, since the FAQs for the iOS app state the following:
### Is the app a VPN?

“No. A VPN app typically proxies all of your network traffic. The app only overrides and secures your mobile phone’s DNS traffic.”

As @sdayman said, the mobile app creates a VPN connection for to work, although as the FAQs say, is not a VPN, it needs a VPN connection to work. It only encrypts your DNS queries, not all your web traffic.
On a desktop PC, you can use without a VPN set up but you could use a VPN as well if you wanted.

Thank you!

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