Is a subdirectory WordPress site automatically added on Cloudflare CDN?

Hi Everyone

For instance, if we have already on WordPress under the free plan and now we built a subdirectory as separate WP installation.

We want to know if the traffic on subdirectory is automatically on Cloudflare CDN cache or do we need to add another site on CF? Please suggest how to get subdirectory cached on CDN.


There’s nothing to add. It’s the same hostname. Just like adding another Post to your Wordpress site, another subdirectory behaves the same way.


Thanks for your reply.

But I feel as if my subdirectory isn’t being cached and therefore the site speed is good everywhere except the subdirectory.

Is there any way to authenticate this?


Yes. Post the main site URL and the subfolder URL so we can test them.

Here you go.

Thanks a lot


They’re both on Cloudflare CDN. The main site is telling Cloudflare (a public cache) to cache objects for a period of time, but the /pro/ site is not setting a public cache.

How can I ensure that the pro site works exactly like the main site, same age, and not a miss. That is my end goal.

Thank you so much for your help.


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