Is a domain transfer necessary for cloudflare to work?

Hi there, I’m new to NDS and trying to figure this out.
I want to host an app at Heroku and use the CNAME flattening feature.

Let’s say I have purchased my domain from GoDaddy or another host.
Would I need to transfer my domain to CloudFlare?
Because new domains have a 60-day transfer restriction, so this is not possible.

Or does CloudFlare work without having to transfer my domain?

Thanks in advance

No, the domain does not need to be transferred. You only need to set the nameservers.

Thanks @sandro Just to clarify, so I will register my domain with GoDaddy, but my web hosting will be with Heroku, and my DNS hosting with CloudFlare, right?

When you say “set the nameservers”, where do I get the nameservers? From GoDaddy or from Heroku?

Your described scenario is accurate, though I’d generally advise against Godaddy as domain registrar.

As for the nameservers, these will be given to you by Cloudflare after you have added the domain.

Agreed on GoDaddy. Just using it for the sake of the argument.

So, I put the nameservers given to my by CloudFlare to GoDaddy, right?

When you say nameservers, you mean the “CNAME” etc.?
And what about the nameservers that heroku will give me?

(Why is this so complicated?)

No, a CNAME is a regular DNS record. You need to change the domain’s actual nameservers at your registrar then (hopefully not Godaddy :slight_smile:) and enter the two nameservers provided by Cloudflare. Do not add NS records, these would regular DNS records again. You need to find the right UI at your registrar where you change the nameservers.

Sorry I think you missed something here. A verb or something because I don’t fully understand.

Not really :slight_smile: I was trying to say, you should not simply add NS records at your registrar. Thats a common mistake, which many do. NS records will be regular DNS records as well. You need to make the change in the section where you change the nameservers at your registrar. Thats all, it really is just a matter of a few minutes.

Also, pay attention to your domain’s DNSSEC configuration, if you have that enabled.

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Hi again! One last question. From what I see, this service would cost me 20$ per month, correct? What about the free plan? I am building a startup so, in the first few months, I won’t have a lot of traffic.

$20 is the Pro plan, if the features on Free are enough, you can easily go with it too.

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