Is a CF orgin certificate same as a Go Daddy certificate

We recently went to cloudflare.
Since CF does our DNS, we have a universal certificate, supposely from browsers to CF edge and we have our preexisting Go Daddy/ letsenrypt certificates for our servers.
I read that we can use CF origin certificates for our servers. We are interested because they are auto-renew instead of our server ones that expire every every year/3 months
As long as we UCF can we get rid of the Go Daddy ones and just replace them with the CF ones and then have them autorenew every few years, 15 years whatever?
Or am I reading this wrong in there for other purposes and I still need to keep my Go Daddy ones

If all of the hostnames are set to :orange:, then the Cloudflare Origin certs are all you need.

If some hostnames are :grey:, then you will need “regular” certs for those grey hostnames.

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