Is okay to use in a corporate environment?

Hello community,

I work with multiple companies and am wondering if it is okay to suggest they adopt for an additional layer of malware filtering, without being a paying Cloudflare customer.

It has been suprisingly hard to answer this question by browsing ToS etc. and in testing it works great, and I don’t want to assume we are somehow abusing this “family” oriented service in commercial situations.

So, are corporate environments allowed to use the family filters for free?


If it’s a small business, Cloudflare isn’t going to say anything. But if it’s a large user base, you should contact [email protected] to let them know your use case.

Cloudflare Gateway (which is free for < 50 users) is the version of we recommend for companies. Aside from malware protection, they’ll be able to filter additional categories and get statistics on sites their users are going.

You can try anytime, for free, for up to 50 users by starting here: Cloudflare Gateway | Secure Web Gateway | DNS Filtering | Cloudflare

Thanks for the response! Gateway sounds good but what if I don’t want to rearchitect how traffic is routed and am simply looking for DNS services filtering for malware? Can the Gateway product be deployed in a DNS only way?

@user365 Happy to chat about the query load you expect to send to Shoot me an email at [email protected].

Gateway is built on and gives you the ability to filter as you please, plus you get the additional visibility into DNS logs.

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