Is a NordVPN replacement?

I sort of have a followup to this comment:

Is actually a NordVPN replacement, or is it supposed to work alongside NordVPN? It’s confusing to me because iOS reads as VPN, while Android reads that as a DNS server.

Thank you for any clarity!

Currently, no. uses VPN for DNS only. All traffic will go un-tunneled through your local network. When Warp+ comes out, then it will do both.

For now I use a VPN that, sadly, doesn’t use So I can’t get the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for the clarity here! I understand better now.

When Warp+ comes out, then it will do both.

I remember signing up for it as well! :crossed_fingers:t4:

For now I use a VPN that

Does this mean that the VPN software I use (example NordVPN) needs to work on compatibility with, and is not something that is pending on is a Public DNS server. NordVPN controls which DNS server you use when you’re on their VPN. It would be nice if they let you choose from a list, but they go with what they like best.


Got it. Thank you again!


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