Irritating logouts on phpBB3


I’ve phpBB3 forum and since the moment I started using Cloudflare we (me and users) experience strange problem. Sometimes, without any reason, we are being logged out and the session ID changes. This issue takes place on very random moments and we can’t find any way to replicate this problem, so we don’t know what is the reason. We have turned off option to validate user’s IP address on phpBB3 configuration, so it was not the reason. When we’re browsing forum bypassing Cloudflare this issue does not happen.

Do you have any experience with phpBB3 with Cloudflare? Maybe some advice how to configure CF?


Do you have some sort of issue where it makes sure one person is not logged into too many accounts at once? Or maybe it limits one session to one IP?

Also, can you confirm that you are already restoring visitor IP addresses?

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