Iran for government is censoring sites with Universal SSL

Hey guys,
Iranian government is censoring new web sites added to Cloudflare and it only applies to HTTPS site with new Cloudflare CA: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 .
It’s so confusing, some new websites are accessible (like ) but others not! (like ). Any new website I add to my panel or colleagues, have the same issue with Universal SSL.

My Cloudflare configuration:

SSL: Full
Always Use HTTPS: on
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): on and valid for 6 months
Minimum TLS Version: TLS 1.2
Opportunistic Encryption: on
TLS 1.3: Enabled + 0-RTT

Wow, that’s some information to know from now, if so.
May I ask how so?
Can you even ping or access the Websites, somehow?
What error do you get?

Both domains currently aren’t using Cloudflare services - did you move them back to the old nameservers if so, or?, at least that’s what DIG command reports:


ANSWER 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS

Yes, I had to change after seeing the breakdown

Sounds like your government is blacklisting these sites! I’m in the U.S and get this when visiting

So it’s probably your government wanting to give you ■■■■ over the site (its content may have something to do with it!) But I don’t know if Cloudflare can help!

What “breakdown”?

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