IPv6 would not work when using Wrap with local proxy

I have a computer that is directly connected to the internet with both IPv4 and IPv6. There is no router or NAT, the computer is directly using public IP and running Windows 10 21H2 edition. Cloudflare Wrap app version is 2022.2.247.0.

When I am using “ with Wrap”, I am able to access both IPv4 and IPv6 site and I can see Cloudflare IP on “https://test-ipv6.com/”.

When I switch to “Wrap via Local Proxy”, and setup Firefox to use SOCKS5 proxy to localhost, IPv6 sites like “ipv6.google.com” would not load properly, but IPv4 sites seem to be fine. “https://test-ipv6.com/” no longer displays IPv6 and the test takes forever to run.

Does anyone have an idea how to get this fixed? Or if this is a Wrap client/server issue on Cloudflare end? Thanks!

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