IPv6 with is not working after waking from sleep on Windows 11

I just started using on our two desktops running Windows 11. On both desktops, the client exhibits the same kind of issue. After waking from sleep IPv6 is not working., and test-ipv6 both confirm this. And I have some IPv6-only resources I connect to that stop working.

If I do a quick manual reconnection within the client IPv6 starts working again. Does anyone else face similar issues and have any workaround for it? We have native IPv6 deployed in our home network already, so both Windows 11 desktops have a global IPv6 provided via SLAAC. That shouldn’t really affect anything, but I figured it might be good to mention this as most people don’t tend to have global IPv6 running on their home network.

IPv6 is working flawlessly after a reconnection and it’s working without any problems until our Windows 11 desktops wake from sleep. It’s consistent, I have yet to see IPv6 ever work automatically after waking from sleep. Always have to reconnect the client for IPv6 to start working again.

All help is much appreciated!

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