IPv6 user with Firefox browser not able to access domain

Hi guys,

We have switched our domain from godaddy to CF recently.

Afterward we found out there are users with IPv6 and using firefox browser facing difficulty to access our domain. We have tested in IE and Google Chrome, both are working fine and able to access.

We do not have this problem previously in godaddy.

Does anyone have an idea on this situation? Is it we have to enable some settings on the domain or purchase some services?

Thank you.

What sort of problems? Does it make a difference if you proxy :orange: or not :grey:?

The error is "HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. "

We have been tested in few scenarios:-

IPv4 - CF enabled

  1. Google chrome : ok
  2. Firefox : ok

IPv4 - CF disabled

  1. Google chrome : ok
  2. Firefox : ok

IPv6 - CF enabled

  1. Google chrome : ok
    2. Firefox : not ok

IPv6 - CF disabled

  1. Google chrome : ok
  2. Firefox : ok

The problem happened on firefox browser with IPv6 and CF enabled, with the same DNS settings. Will it because of firefox browser not compatible with IPv6 CF?

We have solved this problem by installing the origin certificate to our origin server.

Previously our domain SSL/TLS encryption mode set to Full(strict), without using Origin Certificate by Cloudflare.

After we created and installed the cert into our server , everything working fine right now.

What kind of certificate was installed before cloudflare origin certificate?

We were using godaddy wildcard SSL cert previously.

and your origin server using IPv4 only or Dual stack?

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