IPv6 trouble with WARP on Win10

  • a Win10 computer with WARP installed and turned on.
  • both IPv4 and IPv6 networks are enabled.
  • can ping/browse to IPv4 sites fine.
  • can ping/traceroute external IPv6 addresses fine, such as 2600::
  • can browse to internal IPv6 sites fine. for ex, fe80:… address of a network printer.
  • can NOT browse (or curl) or ssh to external IPv6 addresses.
  • same results with Win10 firewall on or off.
  • the network where this computer is on doesn’t have an IPv6 router, so no router advert (RA) nor DHCPv6.

Any ideas what may be the cause?

  • Have another win10 machine in a different location and IPv6 works fine with WARP enabled.

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