IPV6 The problem

Please help me to turn off IPv6 because IPv6 IP management problem is more troublesome, please help me to turn off IPv6 function, I do not want IPv6 to be able to visit my website, I hope that the domain name can be set to turn off IPv6 function at will, I hope this is free!

What do you exactly mean with this?
Just to be clear, your server doesn’t need to necessarily have a ipv6 ip or explicitly support it for Cloudflare’s ipv6 support to work. The traffic you’ll be actually receiving will all be just ipv4.

HI there!

We strongly discourage disabling IPv6 as the internet is migrating to it and it gets adopted more and more across the world.

If you don’t want us to connect to your server via IPv6, just turn it off on your server. If you don’t want to have visitors connect through IPv6 as your software might not support it, you can do so only by using the API: Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

Hope this helps.


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