IPv6 routing problems with TATA and Cloudflare

Recently, I’ve noticed that images on the Midjourney website are loading very slowly or not at all. The images are fetched from cdn.midjourney.com. This issue particularly occurs during evening hours (CET).

As a preliminary test, I disabled IPv6 in my router. This resulted in slightly faster image loading, but still with delays.

Here’s a screenshot of traceroutes over IPv6 and IPv4:

  • For IPv4, the average latency to the last hop is 11 ms, whereas, for IPv6, it’s 93 ms.
  • The IPv4 route involves DTAG, GTT, and Cloudflare.
  • The IPv6 route involves DTAG, TATA, and Cloudflare.
  • Packet loss occurs with both GTT and TATA, but specifically with Cloudflare in combination with TATA.

On my smartphone using an LTE connection, the images on the Midjourney website load extremely fast, much quicker than I can scroll.

Therefore, I connected my computer via USB tethering to my smartphone and used the LTE connection to generate a new trace:

[As a new user I only can include on image, maybee edit this post later?!]

Ultimately, there are still some packet losses with GTT, but the ping is slightly faster and the images are loaded much faster.

Why is packet loss occurring with Cloudflare in combination with TATA?
Why doesn’t this issue occur over LTE (or at least not noticeably)?

Can Cloudflare address this issue? I am aware of the post “dtag-cf-bad-routing-via-tata” and the issues with DTAG’s peering issues.
However, it seems to me that there is a problem specifically in the interaction between Cloudflare and TATA.

Funnily enough, I couldn’t even log in to Cloudflare a few minutes ago (dash.cloudflare.com):

[As a new user I only can include on image, maybee edit this post later?!]

I even had to disable IPv6 so that I could log in to community.cloudflare.com and create this post.

Here is the missing screenshot:

And last but not least, the screenshot of the trace to dash.cloudflare.com:

Have the same problem with DTAG and IPv6 on Cloudflare, other Services are okay.

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