IPv6 route to one.one.one.one slower than IPv4


I’m located in Romania and the latency to one.one.one.one on IPv4 is about 10ms while on IPv6 is about 50 ms.

I have attached two images that show the trace and dig both on IPv4 and IPv6.

The question is : does this depend more on Cloudflare or my ISP (RDS) or both?
Is there anything I can do?


I could not upload two images in the post (new user) so here is the dig image.

That would be mostly your ISP in this case -> Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?

IPv4 seems to route you to the local datacentre in Romania, whereas IPv6 seems to route you to London.

Thanks for the reply, I think you are right.
With the increasing IPv6 usage probably the ISPs will work on having better peering.