IPv6 Record removal


We’re working with Flywheel to migrate our site over for hosting and we got this message from them, but we’re not sure how to make this happen. Any insight would be appreciated.

IPV6 or AAAA records can be added/removed within your DNS settings. You should be able to reach out to your DNS Registrar to have them removed. Since there is currently an IPV6 in place, the domain is essentially pointed towards two different IP Addresses at the moment which may very well be the cause of the new site not appearing.

Hi @marketing82,

If your site is provied through Cloudflare, the IP addresses seen will be Cloudflare’s and include IPv4 and IPv6. If you want to point your site directly to the host while they get it working and to help make their troubleshooting easier, you can pause Cloudflare on the site on the dashboard overview app in the bottom right.

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